I’m currently working on two books, both under contract with Oxford University Press: a monograph on justice in child-rearing, and a book on surrogacy, co-written with Christine Straehle, for the “Debating ethics” series.

I am also working with Adam Swift on the question of duties towards our near and dear.

In addition, I am wrapping up older projects on the value of the principle of fair equality of opportunity in unjust circumstances (which branched out in a couple of papers), on ectogenesis and on taking responsibility for the goods and bads of personal relationships.

And I’m planning another book, on gender justice. It will be about gender norms, what is wrong with them and how to change them. Turns out this is particularly complicated if we must at the same time confront other injustices, such as economic maldistributions, domination (in the republican sense) and serious inequalities in the relative enjoyment of personal relationship goods. Still, progress is possible.

You can read a slightly older, but more detailed narrative about my work on childrearing here. I have a page on and ORCiD.