I have been teaching the Thesis Writing Seminar at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Justice and Gender at Universite Catolique de Louvain (and I’ll do this again, at Umea University next month), Moral Status and Sexual Orientation at the University of Sheffield, Introduction to Moral Theory at Erasmus University Rotterdam; Contemporary Egalitarian Theory at the University College Dublin; Feminist Philosophy at National School of Political and Administrative Science, Bucharest and Contemporary Political Philosophy at the Invisible College, Bucharest.

I also gave individual classes on family ethics and gender justice at universities in Sheffield, Munchen, Barcelona, Paris, Edinburgh and Salzburg.

Currently I co-supervise three doctoral students:  Frauke Schmode (TU Munchen, with Lisa Herzog); Eva-Maria Parisi (LMU Munchen, with Jan-Cristoph Heilinger) and Oscar Garcia Jaen (UPF Barcelona, with Camil Ungureanu).

Last year I’ve been in the doctoral committee of Eirik-Christopher Gundersen at the Oslo Metropolitan University. Early next year I will examine Huub Brouwer’s doctoral thesis at the University of Tilburg.