Recent work

A paper-in-progress asking what it means to have a gender identity (and ultimately suggesting that we should address the issues at stake in current debates without appeal to the concept of “gender identity”).

A blog post at the Peasoup, on What Kind of Surrogacy is Compatible With a Fiduciary Account of Parenting?, June 2021.

My paper on Unrequited Love, Self-victimisation and the Target of Appropriate Resentment, published by the Journal of Ethics, OnlinFirst (and open access, it seems.)

My Paper on The Best Available Parent, published in Ethics in April 2021.

My paper on Ordeals, women and gender justice, published by Economics & Philosophy, 2021.

An Introduction to the special issue on “Children’s and Adolescents’ Rights”, published by Moral Philosophy and Politics, 2020 (with Sabine Hohl).

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